"I Am Loki" vid now posted!

The Tribal Forces vidshow was that vid's premiere - and thank you all so much for the very gratifying reaction it got! It can now be viewed, via youtube or you can dl it, at Title: http://archiveofourown.org/works/764290

Also, the vid show on Sunday included my "Queen of Swords" vid, which made some people ask about the show. (It was basically a female Zorro.) I have an info page about the show here and the vid's AO3 page is here.
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Members Site

Hey gang, I'm working on putting together a members-only site at tribalforces.net where we can upload multimedia and whatever we want free from wandering eyes. There's still cobwebs and all that fun stuff, and I'm still figuring out the particulars, but I could use some testers to help me along the way.

Let me know if you're interested? I just need people to create accounts for to see what kind of access levels I can set up.
[Misc] Evil Overlord List

twitter info

here's a sort of starter kit, as I see it, of people to follow. I suggest checking them out, deciding if you wanna follow them, then look at who they are following. The actors/writers tend to follow real people. there may also be spoilers for shows and behind the scene stuff

All these people actually tweet themselves. they are not bots. Collapse )
NCIS - Subtext

Something to think about before this weekend

Ok so ABC's Good Morning America Weekend does this thing called "Your Three Words" where everyday people write down three words that describes something important to them then these video's are set to music. Here's a link to one so you can see what I'm talking about if you haven't seen it before - http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/words-shout-louds-10155851

We want to do something similar for TF, something to be used in next year's video. So what we want you to do is think of three words that describes TF and what it means to you. We can either do a video of it or put all three words on one paper and take a photo of it with you. We'll ask you all on Friday at dinner and Saturday at kick-off if anyone has come up with three words.
Titanic 3

2011 Date

Yes you read that right! :) I want to have the date set with the hotel before we get there this year. The weekend that I'm looking at is the weekend of Palm Sunday. Will this cause any major issues?

Let me know!

Titanic 3

22 days and counting!


Just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know things are looking GREAT!!!! We've had a few last minute registrations that have helped us meet our registration goal. **does happy dance**

We have a record number of discussion panels planned for Saturday and Sunday!

Friday night's dinner is looking like it's going to be phenomenal!

And it's looking like there's going to be a great number of things to watch.

And now just a few reminders:

If you're planning on being there Friday night for the dinner, don't forget to sign up in the database on the yahoogroups main page.

If you have something you'd like to see shown, don't forget to sign up in the Viewing Suggestions database on the yahoogroups main page. Remember we're looking for stuff that typically ran a hour on TV, or you can do back to back 1/2 eps - just keep it the same show.

Don't forget to sign up for the Saturday night Chocolate PJ Party.

And even though I'm already working on the Discussion Panels schedule you can still sign up to moderate a panel. If there's something you want to see on the schedule but it's not in the database let me know, we'll get it added. :)

Ok that should be it for today! :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Big Damn Geek

(no subject)

Here are the options for this year's trip.

In keeping with the cruise theme, I thought it might be fun to go to the Camden Aquarium.
The downside is that it's expensive - $21.95, and that's not including tax.

In keeping with the fifth anniversary theme, I thought it might be fun to go back to the Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology.
The admission is $10, $6 if you have a student ID card. It looks like there's at least three different exhibits going on right now, one of which will switch out right before we go.

Let me know what you all think!
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Databases open

:) Took some time to clean out the databases in the shared files so that they were ready for TF10. Take a moment to read through the list below and see if there's something you'd like to sign up for.

Friday Night Dinner - A convention favorite! Once again we'll be hosting a kick-off dinner. This year we've decided that we're going to have the dinner catered (meaning someone else will cook it and we'll go pick it up). :) We're still working out the menu so if you're going to be attending the dinner and you want to make sure we take into account a dietary need (i.e. no dairy or no meat) please make sure to sign up so we can account for your needs as we finalize the menu.

TF10 Viewing Suggestions - Do you have a favorite show that you want to make sure you share with the group? Then make sure to put it here. :) Many of the standards will be back on the list but we're always looking for episode suggestions.

Chocolate PJ Party - Another convention favorite! Are you coming to the party? Then sign up! Do you have a favorite chocolate based concoction that you want to share with everyone? Then sign up! You get the picture!

Volunteers - We have a small number of things that we could use assistance with. Check out the list and see if there's something there that you could help us out with. Also let us know if you have a suggestion of something you'd like to assist us with.

Fandoms - Check out this database and make sure your favorite fandom is listed. We reference this list when deciding what vids to show. :)

Snacks for MTAC - The ConComm will provide a base but we're also looking for some people who are willing to donate snacks to MTAC. If you're willing to pitch in sign up and let us know what you're bringing.

As I said in my earlier email - I will have the discussion topic database updated this weekend so that you can all start signing up to moderate these panels.

Adrian will be letting you know what the Friday Trip is going to be so that you can decide if you're going to go.

GomeisaNeelie updated the List of 2010 Attendees. If you can't remember if you've registered check out this database.
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Touching Base

Can you believe it? We're only 7 weeks away from TF10!!

March comes roaring in next week and that means final planning kicks into high gear too! You can expect increased chatter from your ConComm members as things get moving.

Like usual we have a number of fun things planned for the weekend and we're extreemly psyched about our new location! We've got a ConSuite that's a large blank room - no more trying to make a hotel room work! AND! It'll be open the duration of TF, no having to give it up for Sunday because it's a hotel room and we have to check out of it. ;) Again we've got a discussion room with the "round table" feel to it, though the table layout is more rectangular. Our main meeting space is HUGE! And don't get us started on the courtyard where we're planning on having the Friday night dinner! **huge grin**

Keeping with the cruising theme everyone will have the chance to get thier picture taken with "the captain" at somepoint during the weekend. More information on this will be forthcoming.

GomeisaNeelie sent you all a message yesterday regarding registration. I've looked at the registration numbers for this year and we're seriously down from years past. I'm not to worried yet as historically most of the registration takes place after the holidays and typically in February and March. However I'm concerned enough to mention it to you all as I don't want to see us have to cancel. :( I'm sure none of us want to see that. If you can't pay for your membership until after the cut off date talk to GomeisaNeelie to make arrangements for making payment later - the most important thing is to get a firm committed number by the cut off date so that we know if any changes have to be made.

This weekend I'm going to spend some time finalizing the discussion topics list and getting it into the shared files so that people can start signing up to moderate panels.

In a few minutes I'm going to be sending out a second email on all the databases that are now open for you all to sign up with.

If anyone has a concern please by all means feel free to contact me on or off list.

Remember Tribal Forces doesn't happen without your input. :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is ready to kick off convention season with Tribal Forces 2010!
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